Wednesday, November 30, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Savings is Here!

I am so pleased to let you know that DMW Gifts inspired by La Bella baskets is offering its 12 Days of Christmas Savings! Starting tomorrow, December 1st...
Shop and receive..
15% OFF 
purchases of $49.99 or more!

Enter coupon code:  DEC15 at checkout
Just look at some of the gorgeous items that are available:

So lovely & there are so many more items to choose from! Just visit and get your holiday shopping done all from the comfort of your own home. But don't delay because the 15% off is only in effect for the 1st 12 days of December.  This sales ends 12/12/11 @ 11:59 EST.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DMW Gifts

I am so proud to announce that I have expanded my business!  I now offer wonderful gift items at that are inspired by La Bella Gift Baskets.  Please take a look at my site where you can shop for everything from gift baskets, flowers, candles, care packages, & so much more!  The holidays are right around the corner but it is not too late to take care of some of your gifting needs & to make it even easier, you can get an extra 10% off by entering the coupon code NOV10.  This offer is good until November 30, 2011.  BUT WAIT...enter in the coupon code NOV15 and you can get 15% off good till November 28th!

I really love this opportunity to help with folks gifting needs.  Not only does La Bella offer wonderful items but every month they share the gift of giving by providing a La Bella Basket of Smiles to a single mom.  How great is that!  

So go ahead and check it out & if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 214-494-1070.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kudos to Kissee Home Inspections!!!

I have to give a special shout out to Anita Kissee from Kissee Home Inspections  Knowing that I was trying to get my Tasty Tidbit Treats biz off the ground she was gracious enough to ask me to provide the treats for an event at Keller Williams Realty where she was one of the sponsors. It was a wonderful opportunity to get my name & products out there...thank you Anita!

Kissee Home Inspections color theme is royal blue & gold so I decided to make a few of the treats in that color scheme.  I provided yummy brownie bites in pretty gold candy cups,

delicious cake ball baby bites in devil foods cake & butter cake flavors,

I also did these in royal blue & gold sugar sparkles,

also did some almond meringues that were a big hit.

Also provided a jar of cookies with a $25 gift certificate as a door prize:

All in all the whole display came out better than I had expected & was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of those who tried my goodies, with one woman claiming she was biting into a little piece of that was a great compliment :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I had so much fun this past weekend experimenting with some halloween ideas for my cake pops/balls.  I had this idea of making ghost brownie pops & bought a lovely black ceramic loaf pan which I decided to make a small devil's food cake in.  I also baked some sugar cookies, frosted them gray & added words to make them look like tombstones. Here is how it started out:
After I made the brownie pops & let them cool, I then placed them on lollipop sticks w/white chocolate to hold in place & then dipped them in white chocolate. Next...
After the brownie bites dried I made my attempt at drawing some ghost faces.  Unfortunately the edible ink pen I had did not want to work properly so I used black gel instead.  This was tedious so because I'm the mom...I made my daughter finish :)  Thank you Samantha!
Then I made a bunch of devil's food cake loaves.

Next I made some sugar cookies, shaped them like a tombstone & made some gray frosting.
I had the idea that I would make the cake look like a graveyard & have the ghosts hovering over the graves.  Sounded good but.....
The pops just did not want to cooperate.  So time to improvise.
I took out the pop sticks & put the brownie bite ghost on top of the devil food cake grave.  Still came out cute I think, but really would have liked it if it would have come out the way I originally planned.  Oh well all's well that end's well...still think they look Booooteeefulll!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take the Cake!

Well I finished my one class last night...WooHoo! For my final project I had to make a cake, do a basket weave on the side & decorate the top with pre-made royal icing flowers.

So here is the 1st step after you've already iced your cake with buttercream icing.  It is a good idea to mark the sides in quarters to set up your posts & rails for your basket weave.
Using your spatula makes the work easy.  Then you continue to mark all around so your basket weave will be even.
The following is the progress of the work:

This last photo shows the shells forward & backward that you put on the top of the basket weave to give it a uniform look.

I didn't know if I would have enough time to finish the basket weave before the end of the class so I went ahead & placed my rosebuds on the top of the cake.

As it turned out I did have the time to finish. I was then going to take the cake home & finish placing flowers & putting a really pretty vine down & around the side but.....

My kids couldn't wait to eat it :)